Italvibras at SIM 2019: away from home, but playing … „at home“

Italvibras at SIM 2019: away from home, but playing …
„at home“

Italvibras at SIM 2019: away from home, but playing …
„at home“

the event

SIM 2019

SIM 2019 is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. The exhibition is dedicated to the extractive, mining, quarrying, recycling and industrial mineral sectors. This year’s edition will be held in a vast 5,000 m² exhibition area featuring almost 350 exhibitors. Forecasts expect almost 5,000 visitors over the weekend.

where and wo


From 2 to 4 October 2019 at the „Parc des Exposition“ in Montpellier, France. There are no direct flights to the French town from Italy. Getting on a plane and having to do a stop over does not seem to be the best solution. A viable option is to fly to Marseille, with flights from both Rome and Milan, then rent a car (the two cities are 170 kilometres apart). Alternatively, driving directly from Italy is not out of the question, particularly if you are in the north. For example, Milan is 650 kilometres from Montpellier.

" For Italvibras, SIM 2019 is not just a fair. Thanks to its elevated international value and the large number of participants, we prefer to term the event a congress. Indeed, our participation is not limited to displaying our products, but is also a cultural and professional exchange with other companies in the sector that allows us to better understand the future development of the market. Montpellier sees Italvibras take part with a high-performance exhibition space: indeed, our stand will cover an area of about 70 m² "


things to see and to know

SIM 2019 takes place in Montpellier, the French headquarters of Italvibras

Italvibras considers SIM 2019 to be very important: this year’s edition takes place in Montpellier, a city that is also the French headquarters of Italvibras. The French facility is located at no. 256 on Rue Commandant Massoud. That is why taking part in this event is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen relations with the market in a nation in which Italvibras already plays a leading role.

one more thing


Montpellier is the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and is located in the south west of France. In the last fifty years, the city has doubled its population to over 250,000 inhabitants. The reason for the increase is due to the city’s excellent quality of life and its University (the third oldest in France and the nineteenth oldest in the world).

Les t’OCques
rue Roucher 15

A small, family run restaurant in the old part of the city. Typically French cuisine. The best dishes, depending on your taste, are the foie gras and frogs. The wine list also includes a number of bottles produced locally.

Le Petit Bistrot
rue de Friperie 1

The bistro is well-known for its confit de canard, a culinary specialty of the south of France made using duck meat cooked in its own fat.

Hotel Oceania Le Métropole
rue du clos Rene 3

Located in the heart of Montpellier, it is a lovely hotel with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. It also has a courtyard with tables and armchairs where you can relax. Great attention to detail has been paid to the rooms.

Pullman Montpellier Centre
rue des Pertuisanes 1

The perfect location for those wishing to stay in the city centre. The restaurant located in the roof garden is also worth a visit. The hotel combines modernity with tradition. There is also a swimming pool located on the top floor.

Museo Fabre
rue Montpelliéret 13

The city’s main art museum. It was created thanks to the initiative of the great collector Baron François-Xavier Fabre. He donated his collections of works of art to the city on the condition that they would form the basis of a museum.

Promenade of Peyrou
The picturesque promenade of the Promenade du Peyrou is truly remarkable. At the top, you can see Montpellier from an interesting point of view: indeed, it is located on one of the city’s hills, 52 metres above sea level. The panorama in these parts deserves at least one photograph.